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What is a note?

Note is simply a promise to pay.  A good examples is your mortgage - you promise to repay bank their loan over the course of X years at Y% interest, broken into Z payments.  

Our company has access to a multitude of discounted notes.  By buying these notes, you, essentially, become the bank.  The rates of return on this investment usually range between 6% and 10% per year and it is a very low-risk investment, since it's backed by property that has a substantially greater value than your investment.  

So if you are a frustrated stock market investor, a tired landlord, or just wish to invest into something that will give you a predictable and passive income over a long period of time, this opportunity is for you.  

How does being  a bank benefit me?  And how is it better then alternative investments?

For those who want to get into real estate investing, Notes provide great advantages over traditional methods:

Vs Rentals: No tenants, repairs, maintenance, or vacancies.  No property taxes or insurance to worry about.  

Vs Fix & Flips: Lower cost of entry.  Also no contractors to deal with, potential cost overruns or unpredictability in the changing housing market.  

Vs Multifamily properties: No liability, marketing, vacancy, or upkeep. No issues with location.   

Reach out to us if this type of investing sounds interesting to learn more about this opportunity.  

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