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Services we offer

So what can Lyanna Properties do for you? 

We buy homes

We purchase properties to then rent them out, sell them on the open market, or sell them off-market to our clients and new homeowners.  So we're always looking for people who want to sell their property

We Rent / Sell Homes

Some clients are looking to simply rent; others wish to buy a property.  Either way we work to provide both options.  We have straight up rentals, but we also offer Rent-to-Own options for qualified buyers and even seller financing (when instead of going to the bank, we can finance you).  This last option is especially useful for a qualified buyer who just started a new job, or works as a contractor, has irregular hours, or has the majority of his/her pay in bonuses.  

We provide creative finance solutions

We work with people who are facing foreclosure / eviction, those who are falling behind on payments, or have had a life changing event, need to sell, but owe more then the house is worth.  In some cases nothing can be done, but sometimes we can offer an alternative solution to the client, where they may keep their home or at least save their credit.  If you're in this kind of situation, call us.  

Services continued

Who are our most frequent clients?

We provide investments

We work with many out of town investors (some are out of the country), providing them with information and offering them the best deal for rentals or notes.  Various Investors have very different needs and strategies so our approach is highly individualistic.  We provide cash flow analysis, CMA reports and recommend management companies for those who are looking to invest in Real Estate.

We provide information

Some homeowners are looking to sell themselves; all they need is some reliable market information about their properties, or maybe ideas of what and how to fix their property to net top dollar.  We can provide this market information about their property.  You don't have to use our services, you can just get a quote for your property and get a advice of what you can do to increase the value of your house.  

So if you are one of the people below contact us today:

  • Looking to Sell

  • Looking to Buy

  • Looking to Rent

  • Looking to invest in Real Estate

  • Facing eviction / foreclosure

  • Need to sell quickly

  • Have probate property

  • Talked to other investors and don't like their price / options.

  • Need a Real Estate Agent.  Yes, we have a great licensed agent on our staff

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